Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August activities and a preview of the fall lineup

First Friday in August is this week

Please say Hi when you are out and about this Friday, August 7 in Chestertown.  The forecast calls for rain, so if we aren’t down in Fountain Park, we will be “up” in Fountain Park using the upstairs office space of our friend Bradley Lake, above the Nearly New Shop.  There will be some treats to munch on, some news to share, some friends to see!
We know many other fun things are going on at the same time during first Friday, but hey, it’s a small town so we can try to make the rounds.  Consider checking out the special event at JR’s hosted by Maryland’s NARAL Chapter. 

We are back! Find us on Saturdays at the Farmer’s Market in Chestertown

We will start hosting our informational table at the Farmer’s Market in Chestertown from 10-12 noon.  The table will be a place to share local news and info as well as pick up a copy of the latest publications from the National Office.  Of course you might want to join our organization and receive the information about LGBTQ training opportunities and public policy advocacy needs designed just for you!  We are the family friends and allies of the gay and trans community! 

Rainbow Alliance of Delmarva (RAD) is an online meet up group

After the market shuts down at noon is a great time to share a lunch or picnic with a friend.  The Rainbow Alliance of Delmarva meet up group has posted this opportunity.  Stop by and meet some new folks to the area who are happy to have found our beautiful and quiet Eastern Shore.   Join    You will find 135 members looking for something fun to do.  Anyone can post an idea…make it happen!  Summer is the best time to plan for play and meet some new friends.

Speaking of upcoming events

August is here and hopefully more impromptu social plans will be announced.  The fall brings several programs and inspiring opportunities in the process of being planned.  In September look for announcements about collaborative work with Washington College addressing the topic of suicide.  September is national suicide prevention month and sadly, we all have work to do to address the needs of others.
Suicide: Break the Silence. Talk about it. Save a life.
In October we will offer resources for answering your questions about healthy vs unhealthy habits in your personal life…begin thinking about all those questions you want to ask, but are just too….whatever. We have health care professionals who are willing to be the “doc in a box.” Confidentiality guaranteed!
November brings us to our Fourth Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance activities.  Wow…we have a great surprise in store for you this year.  Stay tuned!