Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It is a beautiful Fall week ahead...get out and GO!

It is time to get moving and enjoy the fall!

Next weekend, Oct 14-16, Camp Tockwogh is the location for a Rainbow Family Retreat organized by the Rainbow Families of DC.  Really sounds like a lot of fun!

All the registration details are there! is held right here near us on the Eastern Shore every other year! (We didn't know about it till this year!)

And we need YOUR presence with your fellow community leaders...

Next Tuesday, Oct 18th there are two important opportunities, one at 6 pm and the other at 7 pm, both in Chestertown. (And it is the last day to pre-register to vote in November!)

Heads up!  On Tuesday Oct 18th at the Kent County Commissioners meeting room on High Street in Chestertown at 6 pm there is a special meeting called addressing the consolidation and future quality of organizational leadership among our local county schools.  Some PFLAG leaders will be attending the school related (expect crowds!) meeting.  Others from PFLAG will be at UUCR for our monthly Chapter meeting which will begin at 7 pm. It is possible to do both!

Here are comments from a parent as well as a local business owner in Kent County asking for just a few minutes of your time to consider showing your support for Kent County Public Schools...

"You don't have to be a parent of a KCPS student to understand that having a high-performing public school district is a factor in economic development. Great schools should be part of the package to attract workers and families to Kent County. Please let the Kent County Commissioners know that you support our schools and ask them to show their support for our schools at their upcoming budget meeting on October 18. I am working with a group of parents who are encouraging other parents and business owners to be advocates for our school. You can read more about our initiative by visiting our website here -

I hope you will take a minute to read our petition and sign if you agree -

Our local PFLAG Chapter monthly meeting WILL take place also on Oct 18th beginning at 7 pm at 914 Gateway Drive, the home of the Unitarian Universalists of the Chester River (UUCR.)  We may do some organization related planning first, then move into topics of interest and concern to our attendees focusing on specific LGBTQ topics. YES, we will be holding our 5th Transgender Day of Remembrance Vigil (TDOR) on Saturday November 19th!  
There is always time for support and new friends are most welcome in our safe and confidential group setting. Did you visit our first Harry Potter Festival booth? Did you get to purchase a " HP Puff for PFLAG?"  We had a good fun day.

Linda Dutton, Board Member

PFLAG Chestertown Maryland Chapter